From standard onshore single well profiles to comprehensive offshore multi-well profiles, TVC will support your wellhead system component requirements to comply with API-6A and end-user specifications.

API 6A Wellhead Equipment

TIGER VALVE COMPANY (TVC), a Corporation formed to wholesale API-6A, API-6D, and API-16C Wellhead Components Equipment, provides engineering, design, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, and testing of API LICENSED (6A-0993) and ISO CERTIFIED Conventional Surface Wellhead Systems, Christmas Trees, Gate Valves (Manual and Actuated), Ball Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Re-Pair and Re-Placement Parts, Single Well (Onshore) and Multi-Well (Offshore) Emergency Shut Down Systems.

As such, this places TVC in a most UNIQUE position as a single point source of supply for all Conventional Surface Wellhead Systems Components, Wellhead Shut Down Systems (Electric-Pneumatic-Hydraulic), and Integral Components replacement, repair and spare parts, which will provide customers with a totally compatible and totally warranted lump sum turnkey package all under API License and ISO Certification. This will also provide customers with a single point contact for all their parts and warranty requirements issues.