and Pinion

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Rack & Pinion Actuators


NAMUR Position indicator is standard for

mounting accessories.



Pinion is electroless nickel-plated alloy steel for NAMUR mounting of accessories, ISO 5211 and DIN3337 for mounting to valves.


Actuator Body

Extruded hard anonized aluminum allow ASTM6005 body, powder polyester painted. TVC standard is light gray powder polyester paint.


End Caps

Die cast alluminum powder polyester painted in black. Different colors upon request. Also available in PTFE or ENP.



The twin rack pistons are made  from die cast aluminum then hard anodized. Also available from cast steel and galvanized. The pistons are symmetrically positioned for long cycle life and fast operation. Reversing rotation is simply performed by inverting the pistons.

Travel Adjustment

The two independent external travel stop adjustment bolts can adjust ±5° at both open and close directions easily and precisely.


High Performance Springs

Preloaded coated springs are made from high quality material resistant to corrosion and longer service life, which can be changed safely and conveniently to  satisfy different requirements of torque by changing the quantity of springs.


Bearings & Guides

Made from low friction,long-life engineered plastics, to avoid direct contact between metals. Maintenance and replacement are easy and convenient.



NBR rubber O-rings provide trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges.For high and low temperature applications FKM or Silicone.

Operating Conditions

1.Operating media

Dry or lubricated air, or non-corrosive gases

2. Air supply pressure

The minimum supply pressure is 45 psi

The maximum supply pressure is 116.0 psi

3. Operating temperature

Standard: -4°F ~ +175°F

Low temperature: -35°F ~ +175°F

High temperature: +5°F ~ +302°F

4. Travel adjustment

Adjustment range of ±5° for the rotation at 0° and 90°

Mounting Standards

Air supply connection is designed in accordance with NAMUR Standard to install solenoid valves.

The Namur drive pinion and the Namur top mounting connection permit direct installation of accessories such as limit switch box and positioner.

Bottom mounting connection is designed in accordance with ISO5211 and DIN3337 standards for direct mounting with valve gear boxes or mounting brackets.

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